Posted on Mar 19, 2021

IncreMental Golf

IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s

The IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s is complete in its approach. It will challenge and stimulate your body to do things you did not think were possible. This purposeful ingenuity is derived from a recognition that there is a fundamental difference between instruction and exercise, between learning a movement and simply moving, between advancing your motor skills and just going through the motions. A golf swing, properly instructed, places significant demands on the body that help maintain and build four vital qualities: balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. The IncreMental Golf® School for Parkinson’s does not use golf equipment. Instead, it simplifies golf swing instruction using relatively lightweight items intended to lead the body through the motor learning process. By providing a safe environment specifically suited to your motor learning capabilities, your body and mind are free to seek out and find periods of movement discovery. Key aspects of motor control that are included during the instructional sessions include: Efficiency of Movement, Sensory Awareness, Spatial Awareness, Timing, and the Mind/Body Connection. Call now to set up a free assessment!

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